Caring for Our Community

Connect El Paso, a community group of volunteers, strives to cultivate an ecosystem of strong social connections to improve the mental, social, physical, and emotional wellbeing of healthcare workers.  Under normal circumstances, the healthcare industry is one of the most demanding environments to work in. When trauma or crisis strikes, healthcare workers are called upon to help and heal. Never has it been more clear than in the past year how much we depend on them. As these workers struggle to care for the broken or wounded, they can also become burned out and depleted themselves.  El Paso has been helped by these healers and now Connect El Paso is providing our community a chance to give back. Through listening to stories or music, making art, exercising, and enjoying cooking classes together, we endeavor to "heal the healer".

Our classes are organized into 6 pillars:

  • Physical

  • Creative

  • Emotional

  • Brainy

  • Food & Drink

  • Social


Upcoming Events

  • Apr 24, 8:30 AM MDT
    In this guided session we will practice the basic body alignments and mindfulness of qigong, an ancient technique for becoming aware of the body's natural energy ("qi") to release tension and stress, promote general health, and relax into one's inner being.
  • Thu, May 20
    May 20, 7:30 PM MDT
    Learn about cooking with spices and some of the health benefits of superfoods.


See pictures and videos from past Connect El Paso events.

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